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We Are On Your Side And By Your Side

Whatever legal issue you are facing, you want a strong advocate on your side. You need someone who understands your legal needs, someone who will effectively tell your side of the story. Boroja, Bernier & Associates PLLC, is that firm. We work hard to ensure that your rights are protected when you are involved in legal matters, both in and out of the courtroom.

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Estate Planning & Probate

Social Security Disability

Your Strong Advocate In Divorce And Family Matters

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking it will end in divorce. Many people struggle with trying to understand the process and all of the legalese. In fact, the biggest mistake people make is not getting effective legal representation, putting them at risk for being taken advantage of, losing valuable property and funds. At Boroja, Bernier & Associates PLLC, our family law lawyers can shelter you and your assets. We protect what is rightfully yours. Let us look out for you. Boroja, Bernier & Associates PLLC.

Our Recent Cases

In a recent divorce filed by our firm, the plaintiff received spousal support payments of $1500- an amount over what is usually statutorily allowed, medical and dental insurance paid by the ex husband, and attorney fees paid by the ex husband.

People v. Thomas – In a recent case our firm successfully filed a motion for an illegal police search convincing the court to throw out drugs as evidence which were found at the scene.

People v. Anderson – Use of Cocaine Probation Violation – Initially charged with 1 year reporting probation. Discharged from probation with only fines and costs after one month of probation.

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Plan To Leave A Legacy

Probate can be stressful. The time to plan is now. Don’t wait for a crisis to make the big decisions. Boroja, Bernier & Associates PLLC can assist you through whatever your estate planning needs are: a will, a living will, a trust or power of attorney. Estate planning is for everyone. Leave a legacy. Plan today.

Protecting, Planning, Preparing. Whether it is protection in the court, protection through a divorce or advice and guidance on a Social Security Disability appeal, our experienced legal team will actively pursue your goals. We are on your side and here to help. Call us at 586-799-3598 or fill out this online contact form. Serving metro Detroit, Macomb County and Southeast Michigan.

Clients Testimonials

Couldn’t be happier with my outcome. Got into an accident and DWLS. Both was dismissed and only had to pay a small fine. Mr. Bernier did everything he said he would. I highly recommend.

– Shoua Xiong

They helped me set up my estate plan so that my family and I will be protected. They were professional, courteous, and prompt. They helped me understand the whole process and documents necessary to complete my living trust and will. I would recommend them to anybody.

– Nick G.

Mr. Calvin was super professional and punctual about meeting with me and discussing my options. He showed up to court on time and punctual. He did what he said he was going to do with no issues. I would recommend him to anyone. Very professional.

– Raymond K